Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Would It Be?

In contemplating the events regarding North Korea's nuclear explosion and further missile tests, I began wondering who would be their first target? South Korea? Japan? A US air base? Russia? China? While North Korea obviously does not like South Korea it would be potential suicide to fire a nuclear weapon so close as any minute shift in the weather pattern could bring a huge cloud of nuclear fallout back onto itself, not to mention the destruction of viable economic profit generating infrastructures. This argument also rules out any strikes on US air bases in South Korea. Japan seems likes a likely target due to the deep-seated animosities that already exist between the two countries, and it is more isolated than either China or Russia. Militarily, it seems like Japan would be an easier target as well, given the huge size of Chinese and Russian armed forces. Interesting question...what do you think?

On a totally unrelated subject. I know that Korean's eat dog, and that we have discussed it previously in class. I was just wondering where they get the dogs for consumption. Do they go buy them from a specific vendor? Are there dog farms in Korea? Just a random thought?

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  1. There are dog farms in Korea, similar to the dairy farms we have here in the States. The dogs bred for consumption are, supposedly, pretty ugly, and big--sort of how you'd like the longhorn to be before it becomes your steak dinner. I never saw the farms, but a missionary in my "dong-gee" (came into the MTC at the same time as me) actually got to go inside one of these factory-farms and related the story to me. It's not a pleasant process, but the product is pretty good.