Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S. Korea: Electronic Vanguard

I had no idea that Korea was making so many advances in the field of consumer mobile devices. I always seem to forget that "South Korea, because of its high-speed wireless networks and top technology companies like Samsung and LG, is the test case for the mobile future."
Here is the article
The most significant part is how they are the ones testing out new technology like cellphone credit cards and other such consolidations stored to their SIM cards. This is an amazing step and will quick be followed by the U.S. In 2005, South Korean began enjoying T.V. streams to their cell phones, whereas most of us barely enjoy it on our advanced iphones.

I always seem to forget to appreciate how advanced S. Korea is and the groundbreaking lifestyles they initiate and that we tend to follow.

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  1. That is interesting. I also saw something similar to this on the internet a few days ago. I was googling Korean fashion and "smart" clothes came up. They are coming up with fashion in Korea that has the Mp3 player already built in! Check it out:

    Sorry, I can't get it to hyperlink for some reason.