Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know of a good documentary about N. Korea. It is National Geographic-Inside North Korea. It is with Lisa Ling (those of you who wathced channel one will know who she is, if you just graduated high school recently maybe you won't know) but she goes undercover with a group of Nepali Citizens who provide surgery to Koreans with cataracts being that Kim Jong Il's enlightened rule can't provide that for his people. I just read that she was again trying to do another documentary in North Korea but got caught :(. Well hopefully she'll be freed so she can make some more cool documentaries. --raul
(I checked it out at the Provo Public Library but maybe they have it here in BYU, and for extra motivation to watch it, you can see Kim Jong Il's impersonation of John Wayne on a poster, who will he be next? Rooster Cogburn? Only if you watch John Wayne will you understan that)


  1. Though it's been more than a couple of years since I graduated high school I have not heard of Lisa Ling, though I think that is amazing that she would make such an attempt. I can only imagine a trip into North Korea would seem almost surreal! For awhile-they might have discontinued the event-North Korea would allow a group of foreigners-a small group-to have a guided tour of North Korea that even Americans could apply for. Initially I thought that would be cool if I could go, but then I thought that if it were discovered I could speak Korean, I'd be in for a bit longer stay than expected...

  2. I think I watched that documentary when I was in high school. Since taking this class, I have thought about it more. If I remember correctly it was a bit of a challenge for them to film and that is why I had questions about North Korea and how open they were to outside photography. Is it pretty much looked down on? Do they only want the world to see certain views of their country that they approve of, or do they want to restrict the access further?