Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take the money and run

Okay, so this is a little far fetched for our class, but there is a small reference to Korea. Basically, police are looking for a New Zealand couple who disappeared after a bank mistakenly put $10 million dollars into their account.
The couple, said to be from Korea, applied to the Westpac Bank for a 10,000-New Zealand-dollar overdraft for the auto service station they ran in Rotorua. The bank reportedly paid 10 million dollars in error.

I'm sure they sat around the table pondering to return the cash or run with it...and so they ran. Authorities aren't certain yet if they ran to South Korea, Hong Kong, or China.

Here is the link

There is a lot of discussion on this, particularly about the morals behind it. I was surprised to read that many people commended the bonnie and clyde type maneuver, saying that banks take in billions of dollars a year in charges and they are the ones that made the mistake. The "natural man" in my would definitely have been tempted to follow their actions...but after quick consideration, I realized I would never had even made a step towards the door. I was talking with my wife about it, and we decided that not only is it wrong, but it would be tough living in hiding the rest of your life, always being a bit jumpy when the phone rings or the door knocks. We'll see what the future holds for this audacious and swindling couple.

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