Tuesday, May 5, 2009

N. Korea gives excuse for intense defense spending...


"It's essential for the North to 'continue to strengthen its self-defense power to cope with increasing US military threats,' said the commentary, carried by the country's official Korean Central News Agency."

Serious? I mean, really? Maybe someone can help me understand the logic here. I don't understand two things: (1), the U.S. has said they have no plans of attack whatsoever (though yes I know they aren't always a country of their word and they do have 20k+ troops in S. Korea), and (2) if Washington wanted to challenge them militarily, could N. Korea stand even a small chance? Maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems like a poor excuse to me and a possible cover for ulterior motives. Truth is at least respectable, even if the truth is saying that you believe a powerful military will garner global respect and fear that you don't deserve. But who knows, maybe they really believe the U.S. would launch and unwarranted attack and they could actually "cope" with a country who spends $700B in military spending (for better or worse).

By the way, ranting aside, here is a great link to a plugin for google earth. It shows all sorts of goodies in N. Korea, including road blocks, government buildings, agricultural layouts, etc. Just make sure you have a fast computer and have google earth installed. Click on the download button and open with google earth. I found it quite helpful. though more entertaining than anything. Link here.

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