Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An offended North Korea

Granted, staying up to the wee hours of the night means I will assuredly be beat in the morning, but at least I catch a story or two when it's fresh, such as this little article.

North Korea, apparently offended by the U.N.'s censure of its rocket launch test--which was not related in any way to research for a viable, nuclear warhead-carrying rocket (*wink wink*)--has threatened to bring its Yongbyon nuclear research facility back into operation unless the U.N. issues an apology and nixes its plans for tighter restrictions on North Korea. Already there is seen to be action about the plant...

My guess is that it's more of a ruse than anything else--just some saber rattling so that we do not forget that North Korea is a country "not to be reckoned with." While I do not think it out of the question for the North Koreans to follow through with their threat, I have a feeling they are merely continuing to pine for attention. I doubt that this event even made the midsection of the newspapers in South Korea. The earth-shaking news of North Korea's missile test occurred during the middle of my mission, and had I not have looked up at the television screen in the bank (in search of new vocab words to learn) as I waited for my companion, I would never have known that it even happened! Meanwhile, back at home, my parents and relatives were worried sick. Not once as I proselyted and chatted it up with Koreans--or tried to--did I ever hear about the tests. Not once! Life continued on in South Korea as if North Korea did not even exist, let alone be testing continental balistic missiles! South Koreans have come to understand that North Korea cannot stand to be forgotten and is constantly trying to nab attention. As I said, though, I would not put it past the North Koreans to follow through with their threat, and should more perilous times come, I will still not be too surprised.

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  1. I agree. Its interesting the things that you hear and don't hear while on the mission. I was nearing the end of my mission when 9/11 happened and had no idea that it even occurred until a member mentioned that she had heard about some bombs going off in some big buildings in the US. I did not even see footage of the attack until a year or two later when I had re-enrolled at BYU and one of my professors showed it in class.
    It seems that North Korea is only saber rattling, however, they did launch a missle which they claimed had no malicious intent. Personally, I am not sure I believe them, as well as the fact that I am sure that they have some other nuclear facility hidden underground somewhere. The Japanese were extremely adept at digging tunnels during World War II. It would suprise me greatly if the Koreans did not learn this skill as well during the era of colonial rule.