Friday, May 15, 2009

South Korea Temple Promise

I remember when I was in Korea, in our little branch (it was more like a twig) they passed out a sheet of paper called Seoul Temple Promise. It was a promise made by President Hinckley that if the Members would be faithful and go to the Temple, South Korea would be spared from an invasion from the North. I have since moved from Korea (obviously) quite a bit and that sheet is somewhere in the boxes in my storage area and I couldn't find it so I tried googling it and voila. Just google South Korea Temple Promise and click on Blubbering Chronicles: Seoul Temple Promise. It is the same one they gave us a few years ago. Maybe those of you who went to Korea know more about this, if so please enlighten me, thanks!--raul


  1. Who is Brig Taylor? How did you find my blog? Do I know you?

  2. That is such a cool article! Thanks Raul for sharing that. I had no idea South Korea even had a temple and that it was dedicated in 1985. I guess it was also the first temple built on mainland Asia - go South Korea! For those who have served in Korea, do many of the members seem energetic about doing family history work? I was reading on the LDS temples website that "One beloved Korean member named Kim San shared his own ancestral records that dated back to A.D. 927." I bet many of the members/investigators are excited to hear that they can be sealed to their ancestors for eternity.