Monday, May 25, 2009

No kidding...

I guess North Korea was not kidding when it threatened to again start up its nuclear weapon's test. While this is not the best of news, I have read that the scientists in North Korea lack the miniaturization technology required to outfit the ballistic missiles they currently have with the weapons-grade material. I hope it stays that way as long as possible. I wonder how the West will respond in the coming days and weeks. Currently, the test has been condemned by the U.S., G.B., and Japan (at least, those were the countries that I had read of.)

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  1. Apart from the countries you mentioned I think just about the entire rest of the world has condemned the explosion, even China. China plays an interesting role in North Korea's existence. As an ardent ally of N Korea during the Korean War the relationship between the Communist nations seems to have changed dramatically. A Chinese condemnation of the explosion to seemingly placate the US is an example of how China and N Korea does not necessarily see eye to eye anymore. I imagine that China views Kim Jong-Il as an extreme crazy person and cannot find much common ground anymore, but I read from a Washington Post editorial that they will continue to support the rogue nation in its defiance of the West especially the US to prevent further US encroachment in the region and as a nation who challenges China's biggest competitor, the US. How China views Kim interests me.