Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Through listening in class, reading the stories on blackboard, and reading the textbook, have you gotten or felt a sensation of anger despair towards the Japanese actions? I have but I don't want to be narrow minded and say that all Japanese are evil while the Koreans are helpless victims. I also liked in the story of Lost names how the Japanese teacher felt bad for the renaming of the Koreans, i'm sure there were many Japanese who were sympathetic towards the Koreans and we know there were especially in Japan. But just to shove it to the bad Japanese (as opposed to the good ones) there is an almost-5 minute fighting scene (just a movie of course) of Jet Li where he tears up a bunch of Japanese guys and their master. It is pretty sweet. And yes it takes place in the time period we are studying, so it fits well (at least it does in my imagination, and if it doesn't fit well it is still a pretty good fight scene). I got to it when on google type in "Jet Li fists of legend dojo fight". Then click on the box which is from youtube (I couldn't watch it on the BYU computers, I went to the Provo Public Library). So when you feel mad at what the Japanese did, relief is just a few clicks away!!--raul :) let me know what you think

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