Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kudos to S. Korea

S. Korea sends 500,000 USD in aid to flu-hit Mexico
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Wonderful news! Always great to see aid given to the needy. Although the swine flu might be drastically exaggerated and labeled as a kind of hysteria, with the seasonal flu killing 250,000+ each year (36,000 in the U.S.), aid from S. Korea is a life-changing contribution and will save lives. It is unfortunate that I can't throw in a "Kudos to N. Korea" at the moment, though a sarcastic one under said title may be forthcoming.
Anyway, good work S. Korea, and lets hope for no interference by Somali pirates on this aid shipment; it is amazing, the forces for good and evil in this world.

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  1. Yes, good thing S Korea is sending aid to Mexico, although my family in Mexico are in lockdown, they can only go to the store and if they go out they have to wear a doctor's mask (like the ones they wear in Korea, especially around yellow dust season) they even cancelled Church. Maybe the Mexicans should eat more Kimchi. I see the ?? around above your heads. I had some Korean friends tell me that when the avian bird flu broke out, it didn't really hit Korea hard because the kim chi they eat is so potent it helped kill the nasty bird germs. If this is true or not, I love the Koreans, Mexicans and of course kim chi. Well wether or not this helps the Mexicans fight against the pig-flu, I don't know but I bet they would appreciate the spicy kim chi addition to their cuisine!! !Arriba el kim chi!!!