Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That Park Chan-Wook is so hot right now

In an effort to divert attention away from N. Korea's nuclear explosion, I want to note the steam coming off of S. Korean film director Park Chan-Wook after his recent jury prize from the Cannes Film Festival. His movie "Thirst" earned him his second jury award from the prestigious film festival that takes place in the Southern French town every year. "Thirst" apparently is about Vampire love which actually sounds eerily similar to "Twilight". (I hope it is much cooler) His first award came from "Oldboy" that did so well there is talk of an American remake coming soon. It seems like Asian cultural exports usually come from China or Japan so my hats off to Park and the Koreans who are in it for the art, not the money. Cannes is a massive festival so this is quite an accomplishment for Park. South Korean culture looks like it is as hip and trendy as the West. I wonder who produces cooler hipsters, us or them?

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  1. I'm glad to see that this brought more attention than that piece of trash "Anti-Christ" movie. Ugh.
    It is too bad they would do remakes, I always enjoy the original stuff and they never seem to be as good as the new takes.
    Anyway, sounds like "Thirst" is the less wholesome (not that Twilight was very wholesome anyway) version of "Twilight": sounds like its all about a priest who becomes a vampire and embraces his physical existence a little too enthusiastically by having an affair with his buddy's wife. Sounds like it would require a lot of sex and nudity. Hence the popularity? Maybe