Monday, June 8, 2009

Terrorist List

Hillary Clinton recently said that the U.S. will consider putting North Korea back on the terrorist list for their missile tests. I think it is difficult though to want to put them on the list when as of yet they haven't done anything, but they have only been threatening. I do think that their threats should be taken seriously, but I think the government might be jumping the gun if they put North Korea back on the list. Unfortunately situations like this aren't black and white and its difficult to know what the future holds. I am not really worried about North Korea using nuclear weapons, but then again I didn't ever expect people to hijack planes and fly them into several buildings. You can find the article here.

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  1. Thanks for posting that! I didn't even think about the terrorist list after the nuclear tests. I agree, I don't think they should put North Korea back on the terrorist list. I think we should take, I guess a more sunshine policy towards them. As we saw from last class, most North Koreans didn't like Pres. Bush because he put North Korea on the list. Maybe it would be better, like you say, to not punish them before they have done anything wrong.
    I didn't know this little piece of information till I read the article: "North Korea was placed on the list in 1988 after its agents were implicated in the bombing of a South Korean airliner that killed 115 people." Interesting.