Tuesday, June 9, 2009

South Korea snatches best airport title from Hong Kong

Here is the link to the article.
I found hard to believe, but I guess it's true! Crazy. Now I really want to check this airport out.
Most insane about this article? Zurich's airport emerged fourth in the airport top 10, followed by Munich and Japan's Kansai. Beating out Zurich? That is impressive.
Personally, I don't think airports always tend to give a true impression of the rest of country, but it certainly means something. Some poorer countries put a lot of money into their airports and train stations in hopes of attracting tourists. I'm not sure what the tourist numbers are like in S. Korea, but I imagine they didn't build-up their airport for the sake of tourism. It was sad not seeing the U.S. in the top 5. But that does make sense...our airports can be crazy. The best one I have ever been in the country is the John Wayne airport in Orange County. Simple and powerful. O'Hare was the most confusing and most unappealing for me.

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  1. South Korea's Inch'eon airport is pretty cool, having gone through it twice myself. It is clean, orderly, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye--wish I could say the same for my hometown airport, the oh-so-wonderful LAX.