Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Just further proof of how incredible, and innovative, Korean cellular phones are. When I first began serving my mission in Korea, people already had phones that would flip open and then you would turn the screen-portion sideways and could surf the web, watch TV, etc. I thought it was amazing! To think I had been secretly proud of my palm-sized phone, that I had before my mission, that could *gasp* take 2 megapixel pictures! Even the buses had TVs in them--I realize this might not be such a novel thing now, but I was amazed back then. You might wonder: wouldn't that get annoying, listening to TV if you just wanted to sleep on the ride home from work? Not at all, because if you really want to listen, you would dial a phone number and listen to the TV via your phone, thus none who do not want to listen have to suffer! I love Koreans...

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