Monday, June 8, 2009


Whats up ladies and gentlemen, well I remember when I was in Korea, I worked for a month at a place called EOC which means Emergency Operations Center. It was nice cuz you worked one full day (24hrs) and got two days off, and EOC is a place where you work for high ranking people. So one day I was in the office and I was just looking around and I saw some pics of some bad things the NK army was doing. There were sacks and sacks of rice going to NK but the NKN army was taking the food for themselves, it showed NK soldiers loading up a truck with those sacks and the issue was that they were taking it for themselves, and there were closeups of these pictures. Now I don't knop the details maybe they were going to dispense it to the people but NK being NK, they probably kept it for themselves, well that's my opinion, and even after we talked about this in class. What a bunch of punks.

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