Thursday, June 4, 2009

2nd Infantry Division Song

Hey what's up fellas and fellettes (ladies) well being that we're studying NKorea, I remember that while in Korea, everday (Monday-Friday) before PT (physical training) formation was at 0600 but if you weren't there at least 10 minutes prior you were late. Needless to say that has helped me not be late in the civilian world, but anyway, at 0600 the First Sergeant would fall everyone in and receive the accountability report, and then we would stand at attention for the raising of the flag and reveille and then we would all sing the "warrior March". Sometimes it was pretty nasty your buddy's dragon breath ot 0600 in the morning, on Monday's it smelled of bad breath and alcohol. I liked this song and we sung it to remind ourselves where we are and what we're doing there. A lot of the times, the KATUSAS (korean soldiers) sang much better than the US soldiers. So here it is

(Warrior March)
Arranged by Dwayne S. Milburn
Organized on foreign soil during WWI as the American Expeditionary Force, the Indian Head Division fought in many conflicts, and today is stationed along the DMZ in Korea.

5. 2nd Infantry Division (Warrior March)
Lyrics: Anonymous
We’re born in France in ‘17,
In the hell of the First World War.
With infantry and proud Marine,
We bravely fought amidst the cannon’s roar.
The warriors went across the Muese and river Marne,
Our names and our fame were won.
We marched home proudly with flags held on high,
And they called us second to none.
Today along the DMZ
Ever watchful the warriors stage,
To guard the rights of liberty,
Bravely writing hist’ry’s newest page.
Forward together with Korea sure and bold,
We fear not the enemy’s gun.
We hold our ground, our confidence sound,
For you know we’re second to none.

Just in case you're wondering I copied and pasted that I didn't type the whole thing in. Maybe i'll sing it in class if I get extra points or something. Ok take it easy, raul :)

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