Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Successor Named...

I just found this article that talks about who Kim Jong Il has named as his successor. I find it interesting that he chose his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, who is only 26 years old. However, I guess that ensures dynastic longevity to say the least.


  1. Not sure how tentative this announcement is. Kim Jong Un is young and untried. Picking him is contentious and may yet be contested. Kim's eldest son Kim Jong-nam was earlier believed to be the designated heir but he appears to have fallen out of favor after being arrested. Much speculation has been tossed around with who should be heir and many believe that the North Korean establishment would not advocate a continuation of the family dynasty.
    Either way, I'm excited to see what happens next. When Kim Jong-il took over the leadership, a calculated campaign attributed super human powers to him, including the ability to manipulate time. Who knows what powers Jong-nam will have!

  2. I too am interested to see if the North Korean people can distinguish between patriotism and personal agenda among the Kim family. I was not aware that dynasties were essential in producing an ideal polity. At least some of the people have to grow suspicious at this announcement even if they have been conditioned to be a loyal worker. I would love to know how committed Kim Jong-Il really is to marxist ideas or if he is just committed to his hold on power.